Big Banana Films

Big Banana Films prides itself on its diverse repertoire of fixing and location scouting services provided for documentaries, reality shows, corporate videos and drama reconstructions.

Having provided productions with fixing and location scouting services for companies such as Google, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Animal Planet and The BBC, Big Banana Films continues to be the number one choice for quality fixing and location scouting services.

What we do

  • Fixing services
  • Location scouting
  • Location permits
  • Location management
  • Visa assistance
  • Outsourcing of crew and equipment
  • Accomodation and Transport
  • Research
  • Stills facilitation
  • On set photography

Global Operation

Big Banana Films is a global production service facility with its main focus on providing fixing and location scouting services in Southern Africa. We have filmed in over 50 countries and have an extensive film location database, which has over a million reference photos.

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Our Amazing Crew

Rick Matthews

Rick Matthews

Producer / Fixer / Location Scout / Photographer

After picking up a camera in 1987, Rick followed a successful career in photo journalism and became a respected photographer in the late 80’s and early 90’s having photographs published in numerous media formats. In 1996 Rick had a book published, entitled “ Innocent Africa “, which led to an introduction to the Film industry in 1997.

Immediately Rick was recognized as a premier location scout and location manager. His passion for photography, an in depth knowledge of Southern Africa and a yearning to venture into the unknown, led to work being commissioned farther afield and beyond the boundaries of Africa.

As a freelancer, Rick began to get enquiries about operating independently as a Fixer and in 2001, Big Banana Films in South Africa and Sidewinder Films in Namibia were born. The initial highlight of these fledgling companies was the landmark “BBC Series – Walking with Cavemen”, which aired in 2003.

Since then Rick has facilitated and fixed shoots in over 30 countries and working with local partners, developed a strong bond with production partners on the ground across the globe. With a sound knowledge of what is required from a fixer and his ongoing passion for photography, he strives to provide the best location, the best production support and ultimately the best result.

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